Why Detroit matters.

We contributed a chapter – New strategies DMC. Takin’ it all back home – to the book ‘Why Detroit matters’ (2017), edited by Brian Doucet. We are happy to see our contribution amongst those of friends. Order via the University of Chicago Press.

Unmaking, or How To Rethink Urban Narratives

Beautifully designed by Lyanne Tonk this is a book on the city as we perceive it; a place to rethink and reimagine the existing built environment. UNMAKING departs from a local area in the city of Utrecht: Werkspoorkwartier, a former industrial zone. This part of town is the departure point for contributions by artists, biologists, architects, thinkers of all sorts. They delivered drawings, speculative scenarios, photos, memories, subjective atlases, essays and interviews. UNMAKING therewith reflects on the contemporary love story of humans with their cities.


Locatie:KANALENEILAND is a ‘zip on/off time capsule‘ that treats the history of Expodium’s residency in Kanaleneiland as a significant time zone within the history of Kanaleneiland – a timeline of events that correlate and feed each other [2013].

Our Swedish neighbour

Composed by informal strategies as an extension of the research trajectory conducted within the locatie: Kanaleneiland residency program [2012].

Circle Square Star Triangle Cross

This book by Narae Jin, Bokyung Jun, Sangsup Jung, Saem Lee, Joris Lindhout and Gwangsig Yoo is the outcome of the Space Beam residency program ‘Nightwalkers in Incheon’[2012].

Bootcamp 2012. Inside and around Expodium’s mode of operation.

This book is a summary of the bootcamp led by Expodium, published by Space Beam to spark interest in urbanism on a local community level [2012].
Detroit: Back to the future / Archive of impressions

Nikos Doulos and Joao Evangelista present some of their artists-in-residence findings, between illusion and delusion, urban and rural, living and leaving, to open up discussions on matters of art in relation to urban development [2011].

An extended alphabet

This book [2011] by Ruth Sachs is a contemporary take on the Medieval bestiary Der Naturen Bloeme (also known as The Utrecht Bestiary), in which the author focused on the built environment rather than elements of the natural world.

Waking up from the nightmare of participation

Expothesis #2, by Nina Valerie Kolowratnik and Markus Miessen, in a joint book series by Expodium and MaHKU to investigate relations among current exhibition models and the significance of artistic production [2011].

Politics, identity and public space

Expothesis #1 by Mika Hannula in a joint book series by Expodium and MaHKU to investigate relations among current exhibition models and the significance of artistic production [2009].

HC on the move. On art and urbanism

Departing from the prediction the 21st century man is an urban man, Expodium wondered what is that makes that place – the city – so appealing by zooming in on Utrecht’s shopping mall [2008].

Where to buy?

Some of the publications are for sale at friends Walter books and Casco, or even at Centraal Museum Utrecht.
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