Current projects

Remote Nightwalking

“In a double sense, we need to haunt the streets of the city in order to preserve and protect and reinvent them. In order to make them accountable to those who inhabit them rather than those who seek to monetize them, we need both to frequent them as familiar places and, like spectres, to disturb them and make them seem unfamiliar. If they are to remain our homes – the word ‘haunt’, incidentally, is related to the Old English hām, meaning ‘home’ – the streets need to be rendered unhomely.” [Matthew Beaumont, The Walker: On Finding and Losing Yourself in the Modern City, Verso, 2020]

Expodium likes to stroll and awe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Expodium has been running Remote Nightwalks as a follow up to our prior collective nightwalks. And while we are still unable to come together as a body of many, we do really enjoy walking with others in a further proximity simultaneously.

Since March 2020 our instagram account has been collecting and showcasing thoughts and images of nocturnal flânerie from all over the world, and why stop now? So come walk with us remotely and contribute to an expanding reservoir of nightly encounters from and with a multitude of places.



Find all invitations and instructions here.

Werkspoor, de Opera
Since its’ premiere in 2015 the team behind the koren opera ‘on the rise and fall of Werkspoor, on the coming of age of Zuilen, on changes in our post-war societies, all described via the microcosm of a Utrecht family’, has been working on realising a complete opera: Werkspoor de Opera.

We are proud producers in the team with Ruben van Gogh (libretto), Bob Zimmerman (music), Marc Pantus (director) and Ilse van Boxtel (project lead).

seminar: Walking as an artistic practice

As in previous years we’ll be teaching a semester at the Master of Fine Arts spatial practice program at the HKU.