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Locatie:KANALENEILAND is a ‘container' that treats the history of Expodium's residency in Kanaleneiland as a significant time zone within the history of Kanaleneiland – a timeline of events that correlate and feed each other. Kapitaal (Timo Demollin) designed a 'ZIP-ON/OFF TIME CAPSULE' that encloses four artists books produced during the 2011-2012 period of the program. Furthermore, it contains an essay by cultural geographer Martin Zebracki on the differences of the public's socio-spatial embodiment of public art and the symbolics opposed by the art world itself, visual documentation of the two-year trajectory and a series of informative and reflective reports on the state of Kanaleneiland and Expodium's practice in the area.

Language: English
Price: €20,-
Design: Timo Demollin (Kapitaal)
500 copies
ISBN/EAN: 978-94-90474-08-9
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Three new publications derived from our long-term trajectory in Kanaleneiland, Utrecht.
Each of them gives an insight in the research that is carried out by the individual artists:

Susana Pedrosa, Midnight Depends On The Timezones
ISBN: 978-94-90474-05-8
Size: A5
Pages:16 full color
Price: €5,-
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Anna Okrasko, Ik Kijk Naar De Film
ISBN: 978-94-90474-07-2
Size: A5
Pages:16 full color
Price: €5,-
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Informal Strategies, Our Swedish Neighbor
ISBN: 978-94-90474-04-1
Size: A5
Pages:16 Full Color
Price: €5,-
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NIGHTWALKERS Kanaleneiland, Are You People?
ISBN: 978-94-90474-06-5
Size: A5
Pages:16 Black&White
Price: €5,-
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CSSTC (Circle Square Star Triangle Cross):
Artist Publication in collaboration with SPACE BEAM Community
"The ruins of this city were discovered in 2097 when the Incheon government ordered the construction of New City. The 6 experts (Joris Lindhout, Yoo Gwangsig, Lee Saem, Chun Bokyung, Jung Sangsup, Jin Narae) involved in the analysis of this archeological find will publish a study report on their findings entitled 'CSSTC' (Circle, Square, Star, Triangle, Cross)".


Price: €10,-
ISBN: 978-94-90474-03-4
Copies: 800
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publicatie in opdracht vanSPACE BEAM Community
Publication on invitation bySPACE BEAM Community
This publication gives an extensive linear insight in Expodium's 'systems of research' and Joris Lindhout’s practice as presented in the ten-day Bootcamp in Incheon, South Korea, including images of all presentations given. Every chapter is followed by a series of photo's that illustrates the group's activity during the bootcamp period.


Price: €10,-
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Clearly Not All About Detroit pt. III
by Megan O'Connell / Friso Wiersum
Designed and hand printed by Signal-Return (Detroit)
edition: 200 signed copies
size: 32x32.5cm
price: €5,- (US: $8,-)
Available at McNally Jackson (New York, US), Salt & Cedar (Detroit, US) and via info[at]


An Extended Alphabet
by Ruth Sacks
ISBN 97894909474027
Price: €10,- (US: $15,-)
Available at McNally Jackson (New York, US), Salt & Cedar (Detroit, US) and via info[at]

Het verrassende Bestaan van, en Nieuws over het Migrerend Eiland / The Surprising Existence and News of the Migrant Island
by Isa Andreu
Price: €10,-
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